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About Me

Mike Jubak Jr.

Actor, Singer, Director


"You just can't beat the person who never gives up" - Babe Ruth



Rapid Fire!

Westchester, New York

ENJOYS: Sports, video games, learning new things

DISLIKES: The Boston Red Sox

Meet Mike
Growing up just outside New York City,  the arts were always around Mike Jubak Jr.  However, it wasn't until his 7th grade Spanish teacher recommended he audition for the school production of Grease in an effort to "curb his disruptive tendencies in a positive way" that he truly began to embrace performance.  Mike prides himself on his ability to elicit real genuine reactions from his audience.  He believes that the root of all art is the intended viewer, and without them, art would cease to exist.  Mike loves to hear his audience react while he's on stage, and on the screen, wants his performances to be watched over and over again.  Mike fits the bill of your typical "Boy-Next-Door" type, a sort of role he can play masterfully, but don't let his looks fool you.  Mike is a powerful dramatic actor, with a booming bari-tenor voice that has been compared to the likes of Brian D'arcy James.  When not acting, Mike can be seen cheering on his favorite sports teams: The New York Yankees, Knicks, Rangers and Giants.  His favorite sport to play is baseball, and even helps teach baseball at a boys and girls club in Yonkers that his father runs, the same one he was a part of growing up.  Mike is also a fan of video games, with his favorites being Fortnite, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike, and basically anything Nintendo puts out.


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